Which Is The Best Private Medical College In Pakistan


Medicine is the field of applied sciences that deals with art of remedying by treatment. The field of medicine uses biomedical sciences, medical technology and genetics to treat and cure the disease. The education and training of medicine varies in all over the world. Normally it includes entry level of education in a medical university and after that a specific period of internship under a supervisor. After the internship the candidate required an official license awarded by the competent authority or registered under the authority. The field of medicine has many specialties like surgery, medicine, anesthesia etc.

In Pakistan the degree of medicine is known as MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and bachelor of surgery). This is a 5 year study program. It is a university level education offered after passing the 12th standard. Many public and private sector universities and colleges are awarding the degree of medicine in Pakistan. Following is the list of top 10 best private medical colleges in Pakistan.

Q: Which Is The Best Private Medical College In Pakistan?

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Aga Khan Medical College Karachi Is Best Private Medical College In Pakistan



i doubt this ranking FFU & IMDC on 2nd n 3rd number?? :eek: :eek:
The title states for the best private medical college in Pakistan and it is not based on region/province wise. For region/province wise list has been uploaded as well. Look out in the relevant section.
and shifa, IIMC ,wah is nt even included in the list :S
Unfortunately IIMC & Shifa didn't make up in top 5 according to the list released by HEC in 2013 which is uploaded already.