What document attestations are needed from China after degree?


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Let help me and other student clear one thing.i learned here that for appliance of internship at PAK I need NOC from my university ,now I want to let me and other friends clean that after getting degree what attestation we needs to do here in china and also in PAK to make our degree eligible to attend pmdc,plz describe step wise,I saw many students here they go to Beijing and police station,I actually don't understand for what they go ,plz explain it.there are many students who don't know about it

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These topics are already present on forum, please always search before you post same question.
see these topics and you can search more on this from right hand side there is search, search with documents attestation from china

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pmdc NEB exams not required to get housejob?? just a NOC?
NOC is obtained for the purpose that on return ( after completion of M.B.B.S ) you'll have to provide NOC to get your eligibility letter to appear in NEB exam. Application for the eligibility certificate shall be accompanied by the no objection certificate which you must obtain before going abroad. The NEB is a must to do exam to get house job in Pakistan. Hope it clears the confusion.

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NOC is for allowing you to study abroad, you get it before you start studying in foreign medical college. So when you come back you can be eligible for the license exam (PMDC NEB EXAM). You get house job after passing National examination board (NEB) exam.