SCFHS Registration & Classification STEP BY STEP EXPLAINED

Dr. Sania

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Dear All,

Last week I went to SCFHS to complete my registration. Now, only pending is SLE IM after which I will get SCFHS license (Hopefully). So, i decided to create a thread to explains the general requirements for SCFHS registration and classification. Steps are applicable for applicants applying inside Saudi Arabia. For the applicants who are applying for outside KSA. They just need to get SLE eligibility from MUMARIS and take the exam outside KSA (BTW you can also take exam inside KSA after getting eligibility from MUMARIS). Rest of the requirements will be same as for registration and classification applicant has to be present in KSA. In most cases, it is done by your employer so you dont have to worry. But, I've heard that DATAFLOW is needed to be done by the employee.

First thing to understand is that there are two steps. First is Registration i-e fill form, submit documents, pay fee etc and then Classification i-e related Saudi Licensing Exam. Below are the general requirements.

Requirements for professional classification and registration
1. Completing the professional classification and registration application forms.
2. Authenticated copies of the practitioner’s qualifications to be classified (Dataflow outcome/reciept required)
3. Copy of the internship certificate if applicable, the academic record, and a previous practice registration certificate (if any).
4. Authenticated copy of the last experience certificates (one year minimum duration if applicable).(Dataflow outcome/reciept required)
6. A copy of the national ID for Saudi nationals and a copy of the residence permit and passport for non-Saudis.
7. Two recent photographs.
8. A valid basic life support certificate. (get from any reputable hopsital in KSA. Will cost you SR 350)
11. A Medical insurance policy against medical mal-practice for physicians and dentists which covers the period of the requested registration. (Tawuniya insurance for 3 years will cost you SR 1950, requirements are degree and iqama copy only, You may check from other companies as well for cheaper options, but tawuniya is recommended)
12. Payment of the fee. (SR 1580 for 3 years license, can be made by credit card at SCFHS office).

Once you have all the above mentioned documents. Just go to nearby SCFHS office (working hours 8 am to 3:30 am). Show the documents to secretary and get the number. Show the documents to your officer upon calling your number. If you already took SLE then include SLE result in your documents and you will get the license right away (it takes 5 minutes to print the card). If you havent take SLE then officer will give you the receipt with eligibility number. MAKE SURE THAT ON RECEIPT, HE HAS GIVEN YOU CORRECT CLASSIFICATION. In my case, first time he gave "General Practitioner" but I managed to get a revised one with "Internal Medicine Resident" by showing him 2 years of PG training in Internal Medicine. Use that eligibility number to register for related SLE on prometric/Pearson vue website (SLE fee is SR 300) Upon passing SLE, provide result to officer and get your license.

Only Dataflow (for degree and latest experience) is required for SCFHS registraiton. Usually it takes 35 working days to get the outcome but you can proceed even by showing the dataflow receipt as soon as you apply. Degree attestation is not required. But, I have heard that it is required at the time of iqama transfer. I dont know it yet as I havent transferred my iqama.

Feel free to ask if you have any doubts.

Good luck to all.


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That's a very great post for those who have passed SLE exam and want to register with scfhs.
Readers please note that this is for the registration AFTER your pass your SLE examination and are inside Saudi Arabia, resident or on job visa.
Those who are outside ksa and have cleared SLE and want registration will have to take a job offer.
So do not be confused.
Please correct If I am wrong @Dr. Sania
Thanks for these great guidelines. Much Appreciated.

Dr. Sania

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You are most welcome. It is my pleasure to give something back to these amazing forums.

Yes, that is true. This procedure is valid only for IQAMA HOLDERS whether they are inside KSA or not ... I will clarify one more thing...

SLE can be taken 1) before registration process BY APPLYING FOR ELIGIBILITY NUMBER VIA MUMARIS WEBSITE and can be taken inside or outside KSA or 2) after applying for registration BY USING THE ELIGIBILITY NUMBER MENTIONED ON THE RECEIPT.

For the applicants who are applying from outside Saudi Arabia and DOESNT HOLD A VALID WORKING VISA. If they apply via MOH delegation or other recruitment agencies. They will just have to take SLE (by getting eligibility number from MUMARIS) only. Visa process will be done by the agency/recruiter. Rest, the registration will be completed after they arrive in KSA most probably by their employer.

Hope it is clear now.


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As salam alaikum!
Jazak Allah khair for the information docs!
I am in a fix.
I did my schooling from Jeddah
I have an Iqama. I am under my husbands sponsorship.
I graduated in Mbbs in 2011.
I created my account on Mumaris to get eligibility number to appear for SLE.
My problem is:
-When I had gone to the saudi commission earlier, they asked for saudi embassy stamp on my degree and experience certificate for the registration process to proceed.
-I can only get saudi embassy attes station on my certificates.from my country India if I send an offer letter attested by chamber of commerce and mofa.
-And everywhere I am applying for jobs they are asking for the scfhs card.

I am totally confused.
Can you guys please guide me?
If I have a valid iqama id, does that exempt me from getting the saudi embassy attestation for registration?

Thank you so much!:)


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Hi @Adeela
There is a little work around for this too. You can get India MOFA stamp and then India embassy attestation from riyadh or Jeddah and then MOFA Saudi from Jeddah attestation. Some people do like this.
The recommended step is to get Saudi Embassy attestation from India by giving your docs to some agent there plus give them some extra money, that will be straight and simple step. Otherwise the work around may work for you too.


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Other thing that you can get offer letter from some private hospital here through contacts if you have. Then follow the process.


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Thanks for your reply Dr Mudasser!
I have been trying the last approach to get an offer letter through some contact...but kind of not successful in it.:-(

I spoke to an agent in New Delhi and he told me that without an offer letter there is no way the saudi embassy will attest my degree /certificate. The rules have become very tough n they will not accept at any cost it seems.

The first approach that you mention, I have Indian embassy attestation on my degree. So you are asking me to get Mofa India and mofa Jeddah on my degree and experience certificate? Confused

What Dr Sania mentions in her post, from that I am assuming that if I get my degree and exp certificate verified by data flow and take that receipt along with the registration form and all other documents ....they will register me. Is that right? Without offer letter?

Kindly please clarify this point. Because I have been running around since February for this. :-(

Jazak Allah khair fr ur help!
Means a lot!


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You are welcome
Yes that's already mentioned by @Dr. Sania
I told you another way to get around this problem. If your degree has already been attested by Indian embassy in Saudi Arabia then go for MOFA Saudi Arabia in Jeddah and try to get attested the degree. That may work too.
Or as mentioned by Dr. Sania, you may go for data flow verification and then apply for registration, that would work too. Hope you are clear now


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Thanks so much!
I will try the data flow route first. Incase if that doesn't work out then will switch to mofa option.

Dr. Sania

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Dear Dr. Adeela,

Sorry for the late reply. Well, it is strange that they are asking for degree attestation for SCFHS registration. The requirement is JUST DATAFLOW RECIEPT for your DEGREE and MOST RECENT EXPERIENCE. Both with cost you SR 400 each (if i am not mistaken). Once you have the receipt, you can apply for SCFHS registration right away. That is exactly what i did around 2 months back.

Degree attestation is required but only at the time of IQAMA TRANSFER. Which can be easily done upon completion of your SCFHS registration.Because, you can apply for a job on the basis of SCFHS licence. Once you get the job, they will easily provide you the offer letter for degree attestation purposes.

Hope it helps.

Dr. Sania

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After completion of SLE, it takes 2 WEEKS to get SCFHS system updated. Hence, you will have to wait for another 2 weeks in order to complete your registration.


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@Dr. Sania Jazak Allah khair for your reply :)
I am in a fix right now...hope you guys will be able to solve
I am an iqama holder. Did my schooling from KSA.
Graduated in medicine in 2011.
I have work experience from 2011-2013 july.
There is 2 years gap in practice...2013 is my latest experience.
I applied to get the eligibility number via mumaris...waiting for a fresh response from them. Earlier they asked me to Attach experience from the last year of qualification which I assume could be my Housejob certificate or a latest experience certificate.

Will there be issues to get the eligibility number because there is 2 yrs gap in my practice?
What should be my next step if incase thats the reason?
Also, will there be issues in verification on dataflow because of the gap?
If I plan to take up 3 months training in a govt hospital in riyadh....what should be my steps?

I will be really grateful for the help and guidance! :)

Dr. Sania

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You are most welcome. Recently, @AmnahA was in a similar situation where she had more than 2 year of GAP. Well, practically its been 1 year and 11.5 months till you discontinue your practice. So, hopefully you should get the eligibility number.

Otherwise, below is the info available in SCFHS manual regarding GAP.

Discontinuation of professional practice
Upon the discontinuation of professional practice, the following procedures shall be
1. Discontinuation from two to four years: the practitioner shall be required to
spend a training period of three months under the supervision of a certified
practitioner in the same specialty and pass the licensing examination or satisfy
the assessment committee.

It says here OR SATISFY THE ASSESSMENT COMMITTEE. So, it is better to visit SCFHS office and discuss this matter with the supervisor ...

NO, there should be no issue for DATAFLOW verification. Simply goto SCFHS office and apply for DATAFLOW for degree and experience (most recent) at a same time. Make the payment (SR 400 each + SR 30 service charges) and get the receipts. Receipts will be required for registration purposes.

Hmmmm...I am afraid I am not aware of the procedure to secure a training post. I guess, you will have to approach a SCFHS certified practitioner and convince him to accept you as a trainee for 3 months. But, you have to get this info from a more well informed person.

I suggest you to discuss this matter with the SCFHS supervisor. In my case, he was very helpful and issued me eligibility for IM resident (as described in other thread). Ramadan timings for SCFHS office if from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Goodluck and keep us informed.


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Thanks Dr. Sania......I did try uploading my 2011-2013 exp certificate on Mumaris but they are asking for the same thing...Attach experience from last year after qualification.

I will be doing the dataflow process online.

SCFHS certified practitioner means anybody regsitered with the saudi comission right?
Like I had a word with the director at one of the private polyclinic here in riyadh to keep me as a trainee for 3 months in general practice.

Going to SCFHS has been a bad experience :-( I dread going there but I guess I will have to make a move again.
I will go and discuss the gap issue and eligibility issuance with the supervisor.

will update here whatever the outcome.

Thanks a ton! :)

Dr. Sania

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Indeed SCFHS is that bitter pill which we have to swallow in order to start practicing in KSA. But, I found SCFHS staff more well behaved than other govt depts (from what I've heard from my husband).

Try to get in contact with the supervisor. The regular officers wont be of much help. I dont know about Riyadh but atleast here in Jeddah, I managed to get supervisors time and explained him my situation and got my issue resolved.

Before doing that, try re sending your house job experience, latest job exp (2011-13) and MRCP 1 result in a single PDF file. You never know you might get lucky.

Yes, i guess doing practicing in a clinic could fulfill the requirement. But, better get confirmation from the supervisor.