ORAL PATHOLOGY: Rhabdomyosarcoma

Rhabdomyoma: Predilection for the soft tissues of the head and neck Floor of the mouth, soft palate, tongue & buccal mucosa
Mean age: 50 years (children to older adults)
Asymptomatic Well defined submucosal mass Well demarcated but unencapsulated
The neoplastic cells mimic their normal counterpart (adult) Large eosinophilic granular cell with peripheral nuclei
When occurs in head and neck is primarily found in children
It is a rapidly growing mass
May cause pain and parasthesia
Common location: Tongue and soft palate
Embryonal type (children) consists of primitive round cells in which striations are rarely found Immunohistochemistry demonstrates desmin, actin and myogenin
Treatment: Combination of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy
Survival rate incraese from 10% to 70% with this aggressive treatment approach