NOtary and USMLE


When i was in Notary office,China . staff asked me that do you want US notary (expensive) or other which is not valid in US.

Anyone please tell me that where can i use notarized documents in ECFMG certificatation...
Whatz the use of US notarized documents ???


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Yes it is true that they will ask you.
Normal Notary can't be used in USA, Australia and Korea. Anywhere else it can be used.
They will charge 168 / document for Notary which can be used world wide including USA, Australia and Korea.
It depends upon you, whether you want these or not, depending on your future plan.


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Use of notarized documents is that Notary office will send these documents serial numbers to USA embassy, education section and other countries mentioned above.when you apply for usmle, your documents get certified quickly and without trouble.


Thankyou Smokey BUT in ECFMG certification process they havent mentioned anything about Notarized Documents thatz why i asked... All of graduates need to follow same procedure...

You know chinese universities are so lazy to process documents etc especially if you are not there.... They even dont know the procedure of ECFMG documentation....

Thatz why i was wondering that if there is any easy way ... :(


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Bro as far I know about ecfmg certificate, it is only given after the completion of usmle step 1 and step 2 ck cs (both). To do step 1, you need documents verification and this requires notarization by local government and then from foreign office. To make it a little easy, you can notarize multiple copies and then attest them from foreign office before leaving China. So that in future if you want them, you don't have to go back to China.(extra notarization copies don't cost much). For university to work fast, you have only one option, have good relation with administration or work some junior students woo can sincerely help you on future.No other way. Best of luck.


Thankyou smokey .
You are right . they give ECFMG after completion of step 1 and step 2 . i was talking about Step 1 documentation.
MY bad :)
Brothers, what about the document 186 needed to apply for usmle step 1 that i have to get stamped by dean of univeristy, and as a foreign graduate i dont have direct access to the university staff ,so is there any other alternative to that ,guys, and do I have to pay for step 1 first to get the form 186 , cuz if i cant apply for nay reasons, I will loose my money plz help,


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In the last step in the on-line part of the application, you will print your Certification of Identification Form (Form 186). Yes you will have to pay to complete your application, but the application can be completed in 14 days.

There are three Certification of Identification Form (Form 186) options for medical school graduates:

  • "Certification of Identification Form (Form 186) - Certification by Medical School Official," for all medical school graduates
  • "Certification of Identification Form (Form 186) - Certification by Notary Public," for graduates of medical schools that participate in the ECFMG Medical School Web Portal (EMSWP) and for graduates whose medical education credentials have been primary-source verified by ECFMG
  • "Certification of Identification Form (Form 186) - Certification by Notary Public and Medical School Official," for graduates of medical schools that do not participate in EMSWP and whose medical education credentials have not been primary-source verified by ECFMG
For primary source verification please visit

So you can use option 2 for the 186 form but before you have to verify your documents from EPIC.
Your Dean can also verify your documents for you and its easier method among 3. However if its Impossible for you then use 2nd option, but you have to certify by Notary in your city, after you have been primary source verified by EPIC.

The Certification of Identification Form (Form 186) must be received at ECFMG within four months of the date that you submit the on-line part of the application

If the money in your account was a payment for an exam application that was rejected (because you were not eligible or the application was incomplete or otherwise deficient), your refund will be subject to a $100 processing fee.
Thank you so much, brother, You solved my problem. I searched entire internet anc coulnd not find that, thanks , keep up the good work..