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Assalam o alaikum everyone! I have recently completed my mbbs in China and have returned for the necessary one year internship. I am newbi to this forum and by far I have found it to be really informative, I would like to ask some questions please If anyone helps me out, i’l be really thankful. To begin with I came back and went to a lot of hospitals in Rawalpindi looking for internship to which all of them rejected saying it’s not possible without PMDC test clearance. I will get my degree in Oct end or Nov start of 2019 in sha Allah. Till that time I am not sure how to start my preparations. It’s been over a month that I am at home and I am totally lost. So first I need a suggestion that should I really look for internship or not? Since a lot of seniors think I should sit home and study. But what and how to study is the question. Secondly I have heard Dims is very good so I am thinking to join January batch before that I want to study myself and for that I need guidance please. I have no medical professionals in family to guide me so please any help will be highly appreciated. Regards!


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Sorry for late response
You should mention observership and not internship as internship is considered house job here, so you must clarify that you are seeking observership.

I am not aware which hospitals do offer observership for foreign students. You need to revisit the hospitals again.

My advice to all students abroad is that to avoid such hassle in Pakistan, do internship in your university affiliated hospital. Language barrier isn't a big thing, its better than just sitting home here in Pakistan.