My Personal Experience of PMDC Exam (2007)


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Hi every one, Just started this forum section and giving it a kick start by posting my own personal experience with PMDC exams. It might be very different for you.

I graduated in July 2006 and then came back to Pakistan in August 2006. There was PMDC exam at end of september 2006 but I skipped that exam so that i could prepare.

I was living in my village after graduation, and i used to take histories of any patient in my family. I wrote down those histories and studied the cases from books, made differential diagnosis of those patients by my self and studied each differential diagnosis. The book I used the most is CMDT (Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment). It has nice explanations of related physiology, pathophysiology, pathology, pharmacology, to the point and just related to the disease. I read other reference books if i wanted to study what my mind had forgotten about. I got help from a computer software (i forgot its name but it takes patients history if you input any complaint in it) to polish my history taking skills and diagnosing skills.
Later, I started advising investigations and medicines to acute problems of patients, and i used pharma guide book for that. It has all the pharmacological literature related to the drug, but to the point and brief.
Then came the time for PMDC Exam. It was in march or april 2007. I did a short observer-ship of about 2 months in Poly clinic Hospital before the exam to keep in touch with hospital environment as in PMDC exam practical part, you need to show a professional approach towards patients while taking history or doing physical exam, in addition to your knowledge. This is very important in practical part of NEB Exam and just knowledge is not enough.
I didnt do basic subjects revision except when I thought I didnt have complete grasp of particular concept.
I attempted PMDC with confidence, and Alhamdolillah passed my theory exam in first attempt, though i didnt study all the day and night. Then the pattern was MCQs (true false) only, what i consider is easier than MCQs Single best answers type. After exam i wrote guide for how to attempt True and false type MCQs (here but this doesnt applies to the Single best answer types MCQs (SBA guide here

In practical exam it was going very well till i was failed at an ENT station for just a common reason thats jealousy to FMSGs. Thats why I got failed in whole practical exam.

I started General practice under supervision of a relative doctor in his medical center and went there to see patients for about 7 months until november 2007. I continued studying each cases I saw from CMDT.

I attempted next practical exam in December 2007 after preparing practical things in ENT and ophthalmology, where i was feeling a bit not confident. I passed my practical exam too and got my RMP in start of january 2008.

This was not just for preparation of PMDC but to start my practical career and to understand the practical life before the house job.

Brief points to note from my experience: Keep in touch with the patients and books, see the patients in your daily life, even they are in your family, relatives, neighbors. Do completely study their diseases including the basic concepts you dont remember fully.
Better to join some hospital to be in touch with hospital environment and learn from your seniors. Teaching hospital is the best option and I recommend you that as only option. Do not join private hospital where you would learn to earn money from patients rather seek knowledge.

Post your experiences too for others to learn from them.
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thanks for sharing your experience...
what do you suggest for juniors..should they also follow this guideline ? because in this way we can get alot of experience and in in practical life,afterall,experience is everything...


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u r welcome bro
yes u ppl can follow it, it helps especially in preparing for the practical part of the exam, Step 2 and 3.
Step 1 needs concepts from the basic knowledge so you must revise university lectures.


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pls guide me,, i am in same limbo situation of degree verification for permenant rmp.. documents didnt recieve in pk embassy canada yet, but pmdc keep saying that they have sent 2 times to mofa... Pmdc saying 1st time cover letter was missing from pak embassy canada so they sent bk ....I m graduated frm Domincan rep..its been 3 months....pls help me where to track my documents