MCQs PMDC NEB exam by DOW 12 june 2011


1. the most distinguishing feature of myocarditis is
b. dyspnea
c. distant heart sounds
d. friction rub

2. hypersensitivity pneumonitis have
a. esinophilia
b. esinophiluria
c. increased Ig E
d. persistant cough
e. rhinitis

3. Ideal contraceptive are
a. reversible
b. cheap
c. effective
d. acceptable to all religion n culture
e. no side effects

4. ciprofloxacin antibacterial action is becoz
a. blocks DNA polymerase
b. proteinase
c. DNA gyrase

5. which of the following drug in H.pyloi regime have all of the following properties,antibacterial(mini),raised Ph,protects mucosa
a. Raberazole
b. misoprostol
c. famotidine
d. Al(oH)2
e. Bismuth

6. biotin do wat ?
a. hydroxylation
b. carboxalation
c. Decarboxalation
d. ..........

7. most no of atps come from
a. oxidatve phosphyralation
b.aerobic glycolysis
c. .........

8. carnitine shuttle is blocked by
a. COA
b. malynoyl coa
c. acetyl coa

9. old man comes to ER , pinpoint pupils,blood sugar 70mg/dl,unconcious, decreased resp rate,wat is the best initial step u do
a. IV atropine
b. IV Glucose
c. IV nalxone
d. .....

10. absolute contraindication to thrombolytic thrapy is
all options given were stupid,atypical,only one i found relevant was
a. recurrent TIAs

11. Quinidine action in termination of AF is to
a. dec AV nodal conduction
b. dec QT
c. inc QT
d. inc PT
e. .....................

12. which of the following is correct statment ...........


a. SA node lies in atriocaval juntion in semilunaris terminalis
b. AV nodes lies behind coronary sinus ,or something like tht ,i don't remember exactly
c.rt bundle post branch supplies post part of rt atrium
d. .....................

13. extracting imp points while taking history from patients is caleed
a. funneling
b. active listening
c, active reflection
d. ................

14. breaking or denaturation of DNA is called
a. anneling
b. melting
c. polyerization

15. a phsicaion thinking tht the pt may choose wrong option for surgery is
a. medical ethics
b autonomy
c. judgment
d.discriptive ethics

16. acantholysis is seen in
a . phemphigus
b. phemphigoid
c. dermatitis herpatiformis

17. to save vessels,artersi,veins.nerves while pleurocentesis ,u have to insert needle
a. above the rib
b. below the rib
c. in between
d. ant axillary line


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15. a phsicaion thinking tht the pt may choose wrong option for surgery is
a. medical ethics
b autonomy
c. judgment
d.discriptive ethics

e was the answer i guess


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what is the percentage of carcinamo of eye lid in cancers of eye?

what is the percentage of 1 year survival after dialysis?


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q.which part cataract affects most??

Q:there is a train accident what immidiat action you will take? to emergency
2.airways managemnt
3.maintain iv line

I will post as much as i hear from other and as much as i remeber


18.economics is defined as
a. decreasing inflation
b. decreasing unemployment
c. creating job oppurtunities
d. distributing limited resources to unlimited wants

19. Prognosis for survival after 1 year of renal transplant is
a.95 %
b. 90%

20. role of tertary care hospitals is to
a. provide health education
b. to rehabilitate
c. early diagnosis n treatment
d. ...................

21. Antidote of oxalic acid is
a. chalk
b. milk
c. milk magnesia

22. 17 old old female presents with bilateral nasal obst ,on examination nasal cavity is roomy. yellowish brown crusts, foul smelling discharge ,wats Dx ?
a . allergic rhinitis
b. rhinitiosinusitis
c. atrophic rhinitis
d. sinusitis

23. Male patient present with weakness in the proximal limb muscles,wid erythema of face and chest, wat is the best initial best or invest to reach the diag.....
a anti- ds dna
d.oligoclonal bands


@dr_zartasha as far as books for mcqs r concerned , i personally didn't go through any mcq book. but some guyz do solved mcq books constituting DOW Uni previous papers, hope so tht will be help in case next NEB exam will be conducted by DOW uni of health sciences ,coz the Quality of mcqs vary depending on uni ,as UHS mcqs were totally different from DOW, so find out whose gonna take exam next n prepare accordingly.