MCQs books for MCPS Anesthesia preparation


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There are a number of good MCQ books for preparing for the MCPS anesthesia exam, some popular choices include:

  • "MCQs in Anaesthesia" by Muhammad Zia Ul Haq
  • "MCQs in Anaesthesia: Clinical Scenario-Based" by S.M.A. Raza
  • "MCQs in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care" by A. G. W. Cuthbertson
  • "Anaesthesia MCQs: Clinical Scenario-Based" by Saleem Raza
  • "Anaesthesia MCQs for the FRCA" by J. H. B. Silver and P. J. Murphy
  • "Anaesthesia MCQs" by Roshan Fernando
  • "A Complete MCQs in Anaesthesia" by Nadeem Raza
  • "Anaesthesia MCQs" by Sabir Ali
  • "Anaesthesia MCQs for the Final FRCA" by John Urquhart
  • "Anaesthesia MCQs for the Primary FRCA" by John Urquhart

These books provide a large amount of multiple choice questions which will help you to prepare for the MCPS anesthesia exam.