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Dear all how was your practical exam today?? hope all of you have good result. but overall it was a nice experience.Alhamdulillah!!!


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i think no one among them is here, or no one wants to answer !! thats the PAKISTANI ATTITUDE


here is all

this tym pattern was different as compared to past pmdc xams
well there were some stations where professors were and there were some stations whr u have to write
every stations was of 5 mins only 8 stations were on patient viva rest of 14 were written

mine story starts from here!!!! was written!!!!there was an seq type question that a lady who is suffering from chest pain her parents took her hospital in ER departement when she was alone she was ok there were no fits no pain!!!!
questions were
wat is to her?what will be her ecg???how will u assure parents???
2nd.......from surgery.......there was a professor sahib he commanded examine the neck swelling!!!!!!a patient in 50s were there suffering from thyroid carcinoma after examination question asked about thyroid
3rd........from surgery......there was a man in late 20s suffering from inguinal herniae command was exam the lump nd then question regarding to hernia
4th.........from was written......a boy on bicycle gott injured there is skin lacerations nd bleeding and some clear fluid disharege from ears and nose!!!!!what u will do early management how u will late manage nd the fluid which is discharging from nose and ear what will it be?
5th..........from e.n.t a boy i think of 14 years old command was examine the oral cavity.......asked question about indication of tonsillectomy!complications of tonsillectomy....types of tonsills
6th station was..........x ray.......1st was esophageal strictures question about it was again written questions were 1st wat r abnoramlity write any two then causes
7th station was again xray.........ths was chest xray of a 50 year old man question were wat r two abnoramlities in that xray there was bhl cavitatiions then was wat r 4 causes of haemoptysis in pakistan wat are d.d of this xray
8th station was of e.c.g in this station an ecg of M.I was there so it was having st elevation
questions were wat is rhythem,wat is diagnosis nd one question I don’t remember
9th station was …….E.T.T …….wat is this?write its uses??name at least 2 conditions where we can use it
10th station was of eye……a professor sahib was sitting there command was check the visual field and then questions about cataract
11th station……there was a picture pasted on table and question were wat is this>?where it can metastasis???it was picture ov a baba g having an ulcer on tip of his nose some people after exam said it is basal cell some said it is squamous cell ca
12 th station was a picture of dacrocystitis questions were wat is treatment?wat are complications?
13th station was again a picture of acne questions were wat is this?pathophysiology?treatment?
14th station was again a picture of psoriasis question were wat is this???factors that cause this condition nd then treatmen!!!
15 th station was of gyaencoloy and obs a lady was lying on bed but no questions were allowd to ask her an seq sort paper was pasted on table….in which pph history was there she was 8 tym par and now bleeding question relating to pph were asked by proff on dat station
16 th station was of gyn nd obs again where an seq paper was and question was that u are a h.o and you have to make a checklist of things for abdominal hysterectomy which is tomorrow on list
17th station was of cardiology a patient in late 40s was on bed as far as me concernd his apex beat I found in 7th ic space then teacher askd me about my finding and questions about murmurs
18th station was aagain of medicine command was inspect palpate and percuss the chest
19th was of medicine but it was an seq in which a girl I think 15 years old having edema,diahrroea so questions relating to that
20th station was of paediatrics in which a girl I think 8 years old command was palpate and percuss the abdomen nd then questions about ascites
21st station was of paediatrics a pic was pasted on table here was confusion some ppl said that it was down syndrome nd some adenoid face
22nd was from behavioural science seq about breaking bad news


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thanks alot for the detailed answer dr genius. How was ur practical? Could u manage to do well on the writing stations? Do u have any idea wats the passing percentage? Dr watson do u know whats the passing mark,is it 50 or above? Thanks alot to both of you.