GMC Registration with MRCP pathway

Dr. Sania

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Dear All,

I've read the GMC registration requirements on their website and came to know about this pathway where I dont have to clear PLAB 1&2 if I've completed MRCP.

Can anybody shed light about this pathway. Is it true or i am missing something.

Also, CGS is required from all medical regulatory authorities, I have PMDC registration and hopefully will get CGS easily. But, i am yet to complete my SCFHS registration. Will I be able to get CGS from SCFHS after completing registration and even without doing any job?.

Your help will be appreciated.


Dr. Sania

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Thank You Dr. Watson, The list has MRCP so i guess I wont need to clear PLAB to register. Thats great.

Also, for GMC registration 1 year housejob is required with min 3 months in medicine and 3 months in surgery. Actually, I did only 2 months in surgery. But, I checked on the website that 2 years PG experience can also be count in medicine.

To be acceptable your internship must be either:

· a 12 month programme that includes a minimum of three months in surgery and three months in medicine

· a programme of at least ten months that includes a minimum of three months in surgery and three months in medicine which also includes an additional period of study of up to two months in order to prepare for an exit exam, together with successful completion of all exit examinations

· the equivalent of two years full time post qualification experience at a publicly funded hospital in at least two branches of medicine and/or surgery.

So, it means by clearing PACES and IELTS, i will be able to apply for GMC registration based on my 2 years PG experience in internal medicine. Pls confirm.

Also, another thing, I checked somewhere that 2.5 years of pg experience is required for PACES but on my MRCP 2 result, it is mentioned that "It is recommended to have 2 years PG experience". Can you pls confirm this point?

Thanking you in advance....


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That's great that MRCP is there too :)
Please note that pre-graduation internship is also accepted and if you have done 3 months surgery and 3 months medicine in that with 10 or 12 months programme then you can apply on that basis too. OR yes your two years experience after mbbs in medicine will also be acceptable.
For PACES 2 years experience is required, as mentioned in mrcp UK regulations doc.

Dr. Sania

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Thank you Drwatosn. I will apply in June for the placement in the middle east test centers and hopeful that i will get it. Otherwise, i will reapply in Aug for UK centers. Lets hope for the best.

Nagma agrwal

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