Documents required for PMDC exam

Safwa Mahmood

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Hi there i hope someone will still reply here: where do i get the following certificates and what should they include? (Im Pakistani but grew up abroad did MBBS in China want to take PMDC this year, I have NICOP)
1-character certificate from who? what does it include(content, stamp)?
2-NOC from who? what does it include(content, stamp)?
3-internship letter from who? what does it include(content, stamp)?
4-police clearance certificate from who? what does it include(content, stamp)?

Safwa Mahmood

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Hi drwatson, thanks for replying to all our questions and making this forum youve helped us med students alot jazakallah khair.

Acutally i understand these documents are not needed to apply for eligibility for the NEB exams, so what are they needed for, is it the HEC equivalency of my MBBS degree? I saw them being mentioned time and again on this forum, because i do plan to work as doctor in Pakistan and maybe Canada as well inshallah, i want to get them now when i have the chance because im leaving China at the end of the month and cannot come back....btw i did my high school in UAE my parents are getting my matric n Fsc equivalency as we speak.


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Thanks for the encouragement.
yes these are not needed for NEB exam application.
These certificates are needed at the time of admission to MBBS i believe, except the internship letter which is needed for the internship while you are coming back to Pakistan or anywhere else for getting internship at a hospital.
Character certificate is from the college and is about your character / attitude / behavior while studying at the college.
Police certificate is from the Police showing that you were not involved in any crime in past.
NOC (No objection certificate) which is mentioned on this forum is to be obtained from PMDC while getting admission to medical university.