11 Years of PFMSG's history


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I thought why not to write the history of PFMSG, may be some one would be thinking of that.

I graduated in 2006 from XMU (pioneer batch of XMU), and there was no guidance as the seniors from other Universities of China were very less or atleast we didnt know them. There was no such platform or someone hadn't decided to guide junior fellows from China.

I had much 'Khawari' here and there for internship and also for PMDC exams, for its preparation, application and stuff. We were randomly studying according to our mind, mostly studying university notes. I had less stress because I had studied through out my internship, using CMDT. I had written an article on how to prepare for PMDC exam for those who are doing internship and for graduates also.

During internship, no one given us any importance knowing that we are Foreign graduates and most of seniors ignored us. There were very few who taught us something practical. At that time, internship was also banned for Foreign Students, but we used to request HODs to let us do internship and just get their signatures on our log book. That was the tough time as we were new and had no guidance on where to go and what to do and how to prepare for PMDC exam. Luckily we had got attested our degrees by Pakistani Embassy in China, and notary keeping in mind that it may be handy at time of need.

Then in 2007, our junior batch came to Pakistan for internship and one of them (Dr. Muhammad Omer) had suggested me that if I am looking to build some website (as I am computer enthusiast) then go for a website with guidance for the coming junior graduates from Foreign and I began thinking over it. I discussed with him about the name Pakistani Foreign Medical Students and Graduates (PFMSG) and he agreed on this. I appreciate his idea, as I love to help others by anyway I can.

I began working on PFMSG website and hosted on a free server and that was pfmsg.freehostia.com . I wrote different articles on how to for PFMSGs. I launched the website in March 2007 and it got appreciation from few, so I continued my work on adding different things which would help PFMSGs.

I had got much appreciation till the end of year 2007 and then I decided to go for a dot com name in March 2008, that's pfmsg.com. I had put the advertisement from google that would support me for domain name and hosting expenses and in start mostly I paid from my pocket. Nothing is free in this world my dear! Someone might be paying for you :)

When I took exam in 2007, I memorized the paper and then while going back home in bus I wrote down all the questions on the paper and published it and that was the very first PMDC past paper :) I published 2nd paper in december 2007 when I re-took only part 2 exam.

Somewhere in 2010 i decided to launch a forum where every one can give their feedback and discuss on matters they dont know, as I didnt know if my articles were sufficient for PFMSGs or if there was a need to answer more questions from you people. I launched forum in 2010 (I dont know the exact date), I got appreciated as usual and that is fuel for the on going pfmsg forum and website.

Forum member with name of @xavier had contributed a lot of efforts in this forum by being active member and posting downloads of different Ebooks and Study material in downloads section. I Thank him very much and appreciate his efforts. I don't know where he is now, but May Allah bless him wherever he is, for helping others.
Laters came @Shazy who had put his efforts by contributing to the forum and helping others. I appreciate him much and like @xavier his whereabouts are not known, May Allah bless him.
Notable members from this forum are:
@aayisha quddus and @Dr msk (Though they were here for the Earn by posting on forum, and stopped their postings when their payment was delayed for some reasons).
@Rana Irfan , @abanish , @chocolate , @drjawad61 , @charcot , @Dr. Sania , @dr_raja143 , @cybron , @Dr. Shu , @umer , @sana ul haq , @sana124 and @shzuni I appreciate everyone's time and efforts been put in the forum.

Meanwhile working on forum I installed PFMSG exam site with all the MCQs from the previous papers of PMDC, MRCP, FCPS, USMLE etc for the Doctors and Students to practice MCQs online and that for free, as most of such sites were paid.

PFMSG got upgraded web hosting to keep up with increasing visitors, but the ads on site helped me about 50%. I have increased the ads on site as you would have seen, to cope up with the hosting price and provide better experience to you.

I have done and am doing all this to help my community as I had seen very tough days of stress and non-guidance when I was going to graduate and take PMDC exam.

I hope that everyone should help others too and don't think of just getting information for them selves as most of PFMSG do. I have seen less interest of helping others and just leeching information.

That's all for now, If any thing needs to be added I will add with time.


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I see that there is loss of interaction over this year, so I am also giving a second thought to close PFMSG? I will be forced to close it if I activity diminishes more. I think PFMSGs now are wise enough and dont need such platform, so why I waste my time?


Dr. Shu

Thanks @drwatson for your services and this blog, i am sure it has helped alot of pfmsgs over the years.
I can see the inactivity in this forum since a long time and the reason is that, as you said there was no one to guide you and you took responsibility as a senior to guide the juniors, now the amount of graduates, academies, consultants, fb groups has increased and due to that the process is opened up to everyone (even one's relatives would know all the whys whats and wheres haha) This forum was unique because one could get information about foreign exams as well. Anyways i am sure even if you'd have to shut the forum down one day you'll still continue to help and assist juniors. Best wishes!