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DHA (Dubai Health Authority) Requirements for GP

Discussion in 'Middle East Careers' started by drwatson, May 2, 2012.

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  1. drwatson

    drwatson Dr Muddasser Administrator Global Moderator

    1. Eligibility Criteria
    In determining the eligibility of an applicant for licensing with Dubai Health Authority
    (DHA) as General Practitioner GP, the applicant shall comply with the following
    1.1.Primary medical degree awarded after a course of study comprising at least 5,500
    hours (or four years full time equivalent study) from an approved listed Medical
    Schools listed in one of the following sites:
    1.1.1. Medical Schools listed on the Avicenna Database (formerly the
    WHO directory of medical schools)
    1.1.2. Medical Schools listed on the International Medical Education
    Directory (IMED) – FAIMER
    1.2. Successful completion of internship program (one (1) year program), internship
    program shall be done in different areas e.g. Medical, Surgical, Paediatrics and
    Obstetric and Gynaecology.
    1.3.Recent experience applicant should not be absent from the practice of medicine for
    more than two (2) years. Experience shall be related to the general practice area.
    1.4.Valid practice license in country of graduation and/or country of last employment
    2. GP Clinical Experience Requirements
    2.1.General Practitioner license will be issued if the applicant has more than 4 years;
    he/she can work only in the following healthcare facilities.
    2.1.1. Accredited teaching government or private hospital approved by
    2.1.2. A teaching hospital of a university or medical college approved and
    accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
    2.1.3. Government or Private hospital
    2.1.4. Day Surgical Centers
    2.1.5. Polyclinics with three (or more) different medical specialities
    (excluding dental specialities) or speciality centres with at least three
    permanent specialists/consultants in the same field
    2.1.6. Schools and colleges clinics
    2.1.7. Industrial areas clinics
    2.1.8. Construction and labour Camps clinics
    2.1.9. Hotels clinics
    2.1.10. Rural areas clinics e.g. Hatta
    3. Documents Required
    3.1. Applicants for licensure as General Practitioner must provide the following:
    3.1.1. Evidence of successful completion of an approved medical education
    3.1.2. Valid practice license in country of graduation and/or country of
    employment/ appointment.
    3.1.3. Evidence of all clinical experience including appointments (Service
    certificates will be accepted only if signed by Human Resources (Personal
    Department or Medical Directors).
    3.1.4. Recent Good Standing Certificate issued by the medical
    council/association from the country of last employment (Certificates are
    only valid for six (6) months from date of issue)
    3.1.5. Passport copy
    3.1.6. One (1) colour passport photograph
    Please note that additional documents may be asked to justify the application for licensure
    and registration.
    4. Assessment
    All applicants are required to attend and pass the DHA assessment in order to acquire the
    license to practice with the title of 'General Practitioner' in the Emirate of Dubai.
    5. Conditions for Licensure
    5.1. Evidence of malpractice insurance is required for all approved applications
    before issuing the license.
    6. Upgrading General Practitioner License
    6.1. General Practitioner can upgrade their professional license after meeting the
    qualification/experience requirements for specialist title; he/she shall attending and pass
    DHA assessment for upgrade.

    Industrial Areas are area designated by Dubai Municipality as industrial regions this includes but not limited to
    Al Qusais Industrial Area 1,2,3 and 4, Al Qouz Industrial Area 1,2,3 and 4

    7. Renewal of Licensure

    7.1. All General Practitioners are required to renew their professional license annually.
    7.2. To renew the professional license applicant must demonstrate compliance to the
    Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirement:
    7.2.1. 30 credit points of accredited Continuing Professional Development
    (CPD) every year. CPD points shall be accredited by one of the accrediting
    bodies recognized by DHA
    7.2.2. The reporting of the CPD requirement for the purpose of license
    renewal must be by submitting/uploading copy of the certificates.
    7.2.3. Valid malpractice insurance.
    7.2.4. Recent Practice (current employment certificate)
    7.2.5. Evidence of completing CPD points
    For further information regarding the DHA CPD policy please click here
    Applicants who knowingly submit falsified documents will be liable for prosecution as per
    UAE Federal Law. This would also include an automatic termination of the professional
    license if already renewed by the DHA
    For further information regarding the required documents for renewal please click here to visit
    the Health Regulation website.

    http://www.dha.gov.ae/EN/SectorsDirecto ... ts_v08.pdf
  2. abanish

    abanish Active Member

    what if someone do not have pmdc registration?and graduated from china?
  3. drwatson

    drwatson Dr Muddasser Administrator Global Moderator

    where would you do your experience??for that you need some license, and your requirement is fulfilled when you have that much experience. u got my point?
    e.g if you do your practice in China, you will be having Chinese Ministry of Health license, so you can apply with that license and experience for it.
    Dont think of PMDC every where :p ;)
  4. asi_sam02

    asi_sam02 New Member

    hi,i got my degree in feb,when i will b eligible? i also completed my 1 year internship but now i m doing ma prep for pmdc thanks
  5. drwatson

    drwatson Dr Muddasser Administrator Global Moderator

    after getting 2 years of experience after your housejob :)
  6. asi_sam02

    asi_sam02 New Member

    Thanks bro..
  7. usmansahi

    usmansahi New Member


    Can you please be kind enough to me n let me know that for GP Exam do we need to have en experience of general practice. Can I take this exam with only experience of surgery and subspecialities.

  8. drwatson

    drwatson Dr Muddasser Administrator Global Moderator

  9. Dr Babar

    Dr Babar New Member Leecher

    Hi dr Watson/frndz
    If som1 has russian nationality(by birth pakistani)n qualification is MD & MS in paeds so wat r the reqiurements for him t do job in DUBai?n Wer he can get his experience certificate ?& or he is exempted frm DHA,SLE,MOH
  10. drwatson

    drwatson Dr Muddasser Administrator Global Moderator

    He has same requirements as others. Please see thread from start
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